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Does your kitchen smell?





Does your kitchen smell?

Have you noticed a particular smell Αποφράξεις Αντωνίου– that is coming from your pipes? You could also have odors in your house but you were not able to locate where they are coming from. Today, we are going to discuss these issues we just mentioned and give you solutions regarding unpleasant odors!

The only thing you need to do is to keep an eye on the odors and notice if they are getting stronger or weaker by the time you take action to get rid of them. If they are weaker or completely gone then you have succeeded in removing them, if not, we are going to give you some ideas on where they could be coming from. Let’s see why does your kitchen smell?

Food scraps

Most of the times that you are washing the dishes small pieces of food scraps end up in your drain Αποφράξεις Πειραιάς. They could either go down to the sewers or they could stick at the inside of your pipes. This way, when you are washing your dishes, other particles are sticking on to the already existing food scraps creating a mass.

As you have already imagined, this mass is not going to smell like flowers as it is composed by one week’s food or even more. This way, especially during summer, your kitchen


You might have not noticed it yet, but your kitchen could have mold. Mold is one of the sneakiest things that can grow in your house and most of the time it is really hard to get rid of it. Even if you do not have a visual contact with it, mold could be the reason why your kitchen has this unpleasant odor.

If you want to make sure that your house is mold-free, check in places like the walls behind your fridge, the floor under your fridge, in places where you keep vegetables like potatoes, the floor located above your basement or the walls that contact your bathroom. Mold could also be formed under your sink so make sure to check it out regularly.


Humidity is a pain in your neck as it can create a series of problems to your house. If your house is not getting enough sunlight or if you are not having proper ventilation, there is a chance that you will be leaving in a humidity environment.

To get rid of the humidity, you need to leave your windows open as much as possible to allow ventilation Αποφράξεις Αργυρούποληand ensure that the temperature of your house is normal (not too hot or too cold).

How to get rid of the smells

You might have bad odors in your kitchen but this does not mean that you have to tolerate them! Here are some tips that will help you clean your house and have it smelling nice!

Clean your kitchen

It might sound pretty straightforward, but you need to clean your kitchen often. Once or twice a week, you should clean the sink, your table, your counter tops and even mop the floor. It is likely that when you are cooking, oils and other products are falling on the floor or sticking at the counter tops and generally producing smells. If you clean your kitchen often, these smells will go away.

You should also consider doing a “spring clean” twice a year so that you will deep clean all the surfaces of your kitchen. And do not forget the inside of your cupboards and pantry! Odors -Αποφράξεις Αγία Βαρβάρα- could be coming from there too!

Disinfect all the surfaces

Another important tip is to disinfect your kitchen. Once a month -or more if you like- you can disinfect your whole kitchen by using either chlorine, disinfectants or natural ingredients.

This will help you not only have a better quality of life in your kitchen, but it will also help you get rid of any bacteria and microorganisms that live in your kitchen. Many of these produce odors when they are reproducing and they can also be dangerous for your health.

Clean your fridge

This might seem weird to you, but the smells in your kitchen could be coming from your fridge. Yes that is correct. Mold can be formed in your fridge as well, despite the low temperatures.

Make sure to discard any old and bad fruit and vegetables and do not overload your fridge. If something goes bad in it, clean the whole shelf or container so that you will not be left with unpleasant odors.

Pro tip: Baking soda in your fridge will gather up most unpleasant smells, leaving your fridge fresh even if you are away on vacation!

Use boiling water

Boiling water works wonders in your kitchen drain. In order to avoid any future clogs or to avoid the buildup of food scraps in your pipes, you can run some hot water in your sink every time you wash your dishes.

Boiling water is also great when it comes to product buildup in your drain pipes. Add a tablespoon of salt in a pot of boiling water and throw it in your sink!

Vinegar and baking soda

Vinegar is known for its antiseptic and cleaning abilities. You need to put vinegar in your cleaning supplies as it will help you get rid of any smell in your kitchen.

If you pour a cup of baking soda and another cup of vinegar in your sink, the reaction of these two will dissolve any buildup and free your sink drain! Baking soda will also absorb any bad smells.

Pro tip: Leave a little container filled up to the top with baking soda somewhere in your kitchen. Baking soda is known to absorb odors and it gives a fresh smell in your house! You can even top it off with your favorite essential oil!

If any of the above will not work for you, the solution is to call a professional drain cleaning crew which will locate the source of the smell in your plumbing system and clean it for you.

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How to choose between a handbag and a shoulder bag?

How to choose between a handbag and a shoulder bag?

When you are a woman, one of your struggles is finding the right bag gynaikeies tsantes to accompany you in your work, everyday life or strolls without making your life harder than it already is. Choosing a bag might sound easy and pleasant but sometimes it is more complex than you think.

How many times have you bought a bag and eventually you did not wear it more than twice. This way you spend your money on something that you don’t need and you are left without a bag too.

Shoulder bags and hand bags may seem similar but in reality, they are two completely different bags in terms of style and use. Let’s see “how to choose between a handbag and a shoulder bag”.


The number one thing to look at when you are choosing a bag is the comfort it offers you. There is absolutely no reason to choose a bag that is constantly slipping down your shoulder or a handbag with uncomfortable handles that leave marks on your hands.

When going shopping for a bag, always “test” the bag. Try it on for a few minutes, walk around and test it to see how fast you can open and close it. These things matter when purchasing a new bag either a handbag or a shoulder bag.

Especially when your everyday life requires you to move a lot and do a lot of visits to shops, companies etc, you need a bag that will be able to help you gain time and not stall trying to open and close it.

Shoulder bags are easier for this kind of lifestyle.


The size of the bag is also very important. It depends on what you need the bag for though. If it is a bag for your work then you need a bigger bag to fit all the essentials, if for your walks then you need a smaller one.

Handbags are more useful when it comes to smaller or medium sized bags, as they are easier to carry. If you need a bag for leisure, walks or a night at the movies then a handbag is what you need.

On the other hand, a bag for your everyday life should be a little bigger. For this purpose, a shoulder bag is way better as it can support bigger bags and fit a lot of things apart from your keys, wallet and phone.


The weight that you are going to put on your bag plays a major role to the choice between a handbag and a shoulder bag. If you know that you are putting a lot of weight on your new bag then it is better for you to choose a shoulder bag. Why?

Because the bag is carried on your shoulders which can support more weight than your hands (handbag). Of course if you carry more than 2-3 pounds even the shoulder bag is going to make you tired.

Generally speaking, you should not put a lot of weight on your bags either if they are a shoulder or a hand bag. This will eventually ruin them as the straps of most bags are not made to support weight.

If you need a bag that is able to support weight like books or your laptop, then you should look for either a tote bag or a  backpack.


Zipper or buttons

Most shoulder bags have zippers that you can use to close and open them. Others have a magnetic button or even no closing attachment at all. You should consider the type of closing attachment of your bag, especially when you are using the subway or live in a crowded city.

Shoulder bags are easier to carry, but without a button or a zipper they are an easy target for thieves. While on the other hand, hand bags are more theft-proof as you carry them with your hands and you keep an eye on them easily.

Extra pockets

The pockets of a bag are a big deal as they help you get more organised and get things quicker out of your bag. Let’s face t, every one wants to get their phone out of their bag without having to turn it upside down!

Usually a woman;s bag is like men say “magic” as we always carry many things with us, from a bottle of water and chap stick to an extra shirt! In order to organise this mess in the hand bag, women need more pockets.

Shoulder bags usually come with at least on internal pocket and maybe another on at the outer side but it depends on its style. If you are fine with the number of pockets just go for it, just make sure you won’t regret it later!

Hand bags on the other side could either have no pockets at all or two and even more. It really depends on the size of the bag and the style. For a more formal bag you will not need pockets as the number of items you carry with you is limited.


Deciding between a handbag and a shoulder bag is a really subjective choice. Each woman has different needs and lifestyles so it would not be rational to impose a handbag or a shoulder bag to them. Actually we should not impose any style of bag.

The hand bags and the shoulder bags are two styles with different functions and looks, so each girl and woman can try some bags on and then decide which one suits them better before purchasing them.

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5 best XXX Europe Porn Stars 2020

5 best XXX Europe Porn Stars 2020

Don’t you ever ask yourself why porn stars are so beautiful, sexy, but different from the rest women? Porn stars are the famous escorts that play in TV and adult entertainment industry.

1. Sarah Jane Hamilton

We need to toss the hat of Sarah Jane Hamilton right into the ring here. Born in 1971 as well as energetic throughout the 1990s, the woman is a bit of a tale.

She started a profession in naked modelling in London before going across the Atlantic in 1992 with the help of a link with the Filipono pornography star Cumisha Amado. Her initial stage name was Victoria Secret yet the danger of legal action from the underwear business of the exact same name compelled a re-think.

She retired from the adult movie industry in 1995 yet proceeded with an occupation in adult home entertainment by taking herself onto the unique dance circuit. Her connections with the market really did not finish their and also she wed the fetish movie manufacturer Ernest Greene (Ira Levine) yet they have since separated.

Hamilton was understood specifically for her squirting and rectal scenes too for being a little a sourpuss on camera. It was this ugly ‘girlfriend’ disposition which gave her duties an intensity of character that made her both renowned as well as prominent with her United States fans.

Surprisingly, she was celebrated in her very own 3-part comics series which she co-wrote and worked together on with Revolutionary Comics.

You can only capture a couple of retro clips of her work with the tube websites but you will certainly understand the appeal when you see them.

2. Georgie Lyall

With a bubbly individuality, long blonde hair, blue eyes as well as a natural figure, Scottish porn star Lyall ticks all the archetypal boxes for success on the planet of pornography.

Born in Glasgow in 1984, she is a quite respected entertainer and has actually worked for a great deal of European porn workshops including Czech AV plus US studios like Reality Kings. Bizarrely (or possibly not offered her pale Scottish complexion) she has additionally collaborated with the All Japanese Pass and also Asian Street Meat brand names.

Lyall is likewise a webcam design and also a professional entertainer for the Down-Blouse Loving site.

Ranked in the leading 40 most viewed British pornography sites on XVideos, she is a popular performer that brings an amateur ambiance with professionalism as well as energy to everything she does.

She performs primarily conventional categories and you wont discover any type of extreme content in her arsenal but do take a look at her scenes for Porn Stars Like It Big with the Brazzers Network for some extraordinary video footage.

3. Emma Butt

Born in Bognor Regis in 1985, Emma Butt is likewise known as ‘Mistress Pandora’. She is a British pornography celebrity, dominatrix, escort Greece as well as grown-up version.

Her job is characterized by her dominant stature (Butt is virtually 6′ tall), massive tits as well as her glasses (!). Extra just recently, as she currently tips right into mid-30s age brace, she has been starring as the common, however much loved, MILF.

Consequently, you can discover much of her work online with Butt in the role of step-mom or busty housewife. There is likewise many chains scenes as well as some fetish web content offered from her earlier days.

She’s worked with all the large studios from A Good Release to X Famster and everything in between. If you want to catch her finest work, inspect out the scenes she has actually recorded with 21 Sextury as Mistress Pandora.

The 7th most enjoyed porn star from the UK, Butt has a total amount of 271 million video sights on XVideos.

4. Carmel Moore

Born in Eastbourne in 1985, Carmel Moore is of Iranian descent and started in beauty modelling at the age of 18 before she relocated to California to break into the pornography sector. However, unlike lots of Brits abroad, Moore also performed for a great deal of European workshops and also has a good following both sides of the Atlantic.

Winning the 2007 UK Adult Film and Television Award for Best Actress, Moore has actually collaborated with plenty of workshops including Reality Kings, Zero Tolerance, Deutschland Porno as well as Fetish Film.

She is recognized for her exotic appearances and her tan skin combined with blonde hair and also green-eyes creates a hypnotic emphasis to her performances. She has had a boob job as well as sports a shelf measuring 34E which enables her to trade on the Big-Tit flick market.

Moore has concentrated on a pretty standard occupation path and has a diverse variety of scenes to take pleasure in including facials, anal, soft-core as well as solo lesbian scenes. She does have an exceptional blowjob strategy as well as is a passionate as well as hungry performer.

5. Nikki Jayne

After a collection of workplace jobs and also after that a stint as a health and fitness trainer, she began functioning as a prestige version. In 2007, she was modelling evening dress at a show at the NEC Birmingham where she was talent-spotted by precursors working for Harmony Films.

Considering that after that she has actually gone on to star in a number of porn movies, mainly launched via either Harmony Films or Vivid Entertainment as well as shot in Europe. Her efficiencies were remarkable and also she was nominated for numerous market awards from AVN to XRCO, XBIZ and also Hot d’Or.

An archetypal porn charm, Jayne is 5′ 9″, toned and athletic with long blonde hair as well as blue eyes with an on-screen appeal that will attract most target markets. If you only get to see her at work in one film then allow this be Catch Me for which she was nominated for 2 AVN awards in 2010; Best Solo Scene and also Best Double Penetration Scene.

She is a British pornography star, dominatrix, greek escort and adult design. Her job is characterized by her dominant stature (Butt is nearly 6′ high), substantial tits and also her glasses (!). As an outcome, you can find much of her work online with Butt in the function of step-mom or busty housewife.

In 2007, she was modelling evening gowns at a program at the NEC Birmingham where she was talent-spotted by precursors working for Harmony Films. Because then she has actually gone on to star in a number of porn films, mostly launched with either Harmony Films or Vivid Entertainment as well as recorded in Europe.

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